10/27 – This Week in Women: Protect and Defend 

10/27 – This Week in Women:

Protect and Defend

Tatyana Felgenhauer. Photo Courtesy of Meduza

This week was filled with defense; for oneself and for others. From bullying to sexual assault, and freedom of speech, these women spoke out and up as inspiration to the difficult issues  across international headlines.

Russian journalists speak out on access to their free speech

This week, Tatyana Felgenhauer, deputy editor and co-host at Russia’s Ekho Moskvy radio station, was stabbed at the station’s studio. In response to the stabbing, her colleague Yevgenia Albats commented on the attack as a reflection of the current climate for journalists in Russia, resurfacing some of the previous attacks on Russian journalists in recent years. Albats also said, “The amount of aggression directed towards liberal journalists in this country from state media and elsewhere is overwhelming and non-stop. Nobody is going to defend us we’re the enemies of everyone.” It is this “enemy” culture that Felgenhauer and Albats are attempting to shed light on as political watchdogs at one of Russia’s few independent news outlets.

Kimberly Corban speaks at Penn State’s Truth Week

This week, Penn State’s College Republicans hosted its annual “Truth Week” to promote “civic engagement and intellectual discourse on campus.” On Tuesday, sexual assault survivor, Kimberly Corban, spoke to students and shared her story, just days after the 12th sexual assault of the year was reported on campus. Ever since her assault, Corban has been dedicated to sharing her story in order to empower survivors and encourage difficult conversation around such traumatic experiences. At Penn State, Corban shared that she never thought sexual assault would happen to her, yet a stranger followed her for weeks and ultimately she woke to a man smothering her in bed one morning. Therefore she wants to break the stigma–something she thinks can only be broken by continuing to spread awareness about sexual assault among students from any background.

Kimberly Corban. Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Corban

Corban also shared her opinion on carrying concealed weapons, something she actively sought out after her assault. She said learning to use a gun made her feel “safe” and is a reason she actively campaigns for Second Amendment rights. I guess we’re all entitled to our own opinions. 

Melania Trump visits Michigan middle school to discourage bullying

On Monday, the first lady took her fourth individual trip to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan to follow through on her commitment to confront issues facing children. Trump and Education Secretary Betsy Devos visited Orchard Lake Middle School to raise awareness around childhood bullying as a part of October’s National Bullying Prevention Month. During her visit, Trump joined a sixth-grade open-format discussion on social and emotional inclusion, saying, “I always believe that you need to treat each other with respect and kindness and compassion.” Trump also joined students in the cafeteria to highlight the importance of the school’s adoption of the #NoOneEatsAlone campaign, which was started by Beyond Differences in an effort to prevent bullying at lunchtime. 

Trump spoke to the students, suggesting they use lunchtime as a way to branch out and meet new friends. “Ask them what they like, what their hobbies are, so nobody becomes sad or stressed and everybody feels included.”

Megyn Kelly reveals complaints against Bill O’Reilly
Megan Kelly. Photo Courtesy of Variety

The former Fox News anchor began the week by revealing an emailed complaint she filed against Bill O’Reilly on TODAY. This was in direct response to O’Reilly’s comments on The New York Times recent report that he says “maliciously smeared” his name, ensuring that no woman had complained to human resources or the legal department in his 20 years at Fox News. Kelly transitioned into her story by saying, “O’Reilly’s suggestion that no one ever complained about his behavior is false…I know because I complained.” Kelly went on to share that she emailed the co-presidents of Fox critiquing O’Reilly’s behavior toward women. She concluded her segment by speaking to the importance of creating an atmosphere where women will not be shamed when coming forward with sexual assault allegations. Kelly’s commentary continued on Wednesday on Late Night with Seth Meyers, as she explained her revelation, “It was the combo of him saying that, and the news that he had paid $32 million to settle a claim… He was renewed at the company after he did that. And I know that Fox says it didn’t know… why didn’t they? Why wouldn’t you know?” Kelly noted that she didn’t enjoy discussing the Fox company in this negative way, as she “had a lot of good years there” with “great people” but finished by saying, “[O’Reilly] is not one of them.”

Jillian Dara

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