10/13 – This Week in Women: The Good Fight

10/13 – This Week in Women:

4 Women Fighting The Good Fight

Senator Dianne Feinstein. Photo courtesy of Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

This week the world celebrated International Day of the Girl, learned of the oldest member of U.S. Senate’s plan to run for re-election, met America’s new potential for Department of Homeland Security Secretary and of course, witnessed the reactions to one of the largest sexual assault allegations Hollywood has ever seen. It was these four women who celebrated and fought for women worldwide this week.

Senator Dianne Feinstein plans for re-election

With the next Senate election a little more than a year away (November 6, 2018), Democratic Senator Feinstein confirmed her run for re-election with this Twitter post on Monday: “I am running for reelection to the Senate. Lots more to do: ending gun violence, combating climate change, access to healthcare. I’m all in!” At 84, Senator Feinstein is currently the oldest U.S. senator and was first elected to the Senate in 1992 in her hometown of California. Since then, Feinstein made history in two separate roles; as the first woman to be the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary and the first woman to be a senior member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (2009-2015). At a time where senate discussion on gun violence is perceived as more critical than ever, Feinstein’s position as a leading advocate for stricter gun safety laws seems to be at the top of her re-election agenda.

Kirstjen Nielsen is nominated as Homeland Security Secretary
Kirstjen Nielsen. Photo Courtesy of Valeriano DiDomenico

On Wednesday, President Trump announced the nomination of Kirstjen Nielsen as the next homeland security secretary. Nielsen currently serves as the principal deputy chief of staff for John Kelly and also served as his chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security.

Although the Senate still has to accept President Trump’s nomination, if approved Nielsen will replace current Homeland Security secretary Elaine Duke.

Spotlight: 5 Things to Know About Kirstjen Nielsen:

  • Nielsen graduated from Georgetown School of Foreign Service with a B.S.
  • She also has a J.D. degree from the University of Virginia School of Law
  • Nielsen served on the White House Homeland Security Council for President George W. Bush
  • She created the office of Legislative Policy and Government Affairs for TSA
  • Nielsen founded Sunesis Consulting, but has since given up her role as President for the firm
Rose McGowan blocked from Twitter for posts surrounding Weinstein scandal
Rose McGowan. Photo Courtesy of New York Magazine

In the wake of the recent sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, it has been a chaotic week with celebrity reactions and coming forward with stories of their own. In the process of speaking out regarding the accusations on a personal level, as well as supporting the alleged victims, actress Rose McGowan was blocked from Twitter for “violated rules.”

Up until Tuesday, McGowan was using the platform to call for approved users to come together to help “amplify” the allegations, to encourage her followers to sign a petition to dissolve the board of the Weinstein Company, to support fellow accusers of Weinstein’s wrongdoings, and also, to shut down Ben Affleck’s statement that he had no knowledge of Weinstein’s behavior.

In the latter post, McGowan called Ben Affleck a liar and to “f— off” which seemingly triggered Twitter to deactivate her account for 12 hours. In a scenario where McGowan was only using freedom of speech and trying to raise action against Weinstein, users, especially McGowan and actresses such as Jessica Chastain have been left wondering what triggered really Twitter’s ban. Chastain reacted to Twitter’s actions by asking which rules McGowan broke, only to have a generic response around her posts “violating rules.” Regardless of the block, McGowan is one of the stars who continue to speak out against Weinstein as more allegations surface.

Beyonce celebrates International Day of the Girl with new video
Beyonce. Photo Courtesy of Amazon

This week, International Day of the Girl Child fell on Wednesday–a day that was first dedicated to international girls facing challenges and opportunities on October 11, 2012, by the United Nations. It has since been observed and celebrated each year, reminding the global community of the success of the crises we have overcome together thus far, yet the number of crises that still lie ahead. This year, to draw attention to International Day of the Girl, Beyonce released a new video for her track ‘Freedom’ (the track was originally released last September). In the video, young girls lip sync to the music while expressively dancing with various international backdrops. Throughout the feel-good video, Beyonce includes statistics surrounding girls and HIV, as well as human trafficking and education. The video concludes by directing viewers to globalgoals.org to help contribute to girls well-being worldwide beyond International Day of the Girl.

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