10 Ways To Best Organize Your Apartment’s Worst Spots

10 Ways To Best Organize

Your Apartment’s Worst Spots

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Every home has those areas that just never seem to get organized. No matter how many times you try, the clutter just keeps multiplying. Enter Joanna Brumberger, the founder of An Edited Space, a NYC based Professional Organizing service. Joanna helps her clients declutter, rearrange, organize and systemize any part of their homes. Whether it’s a closet edit, a pantry edit, a playroom edit or anywhere else, she creates customized and user-friendly solutions for any home. So, as we start another new year let’s all follow through with that important resolution and finally get organized. With the right products and some manageable goals in mind, you too can conquer any chaos in your house or apartment.

Master The Master Closet

One word - hangers. Uniform hangers will make such a difference in your closet and the uniform look will transform your ordinary closet into something much more luxe and special. Slim hangers mean you can fit more clothing! My favorite is the Real Simple Slimline flocked hanger from Bed Bath & Beyond. If you feel ambitious, sort your clothing based on category (long-sleeved, short-sleeved, pants, skirts etc.) and then, by color. You will love it so much that you will never go back to having a messy closet again. Pro Tip: the upkeep is simple - just commit to transferring your clean dry cleaning from the wire hangers back to the flocked hangers before replacing in your closet. 

All. The. Shoes

Shoe storage is not a 'one size fits all' sort of a thing. Like most organization, the best solution depends on your space and your needs. Having said that, nobody has ever made a shoe situation worse by purchasing a shoe rack. ClosetMaid makes my favorite and it can instantly help put some order to the pile of shoes at the bottom of your closet. Along with a shoe rack, clear plastic shoe boxes like 'Our Shoe Box' from The Container Store will help reduce the visual clutter that results from mismatched shoe boxes. Plus, they easily stack on top of one another and make use of the vertical space on your shelves.

The UnJunk Drawer

First of all, get rid of anything that's actual JUNK. This is not the place for old receipts, your best friend's business card or the local coffee shop punch card - despite the common name of this drawer. Keep a few pens, a roll of tape, scissors and your headphones, and get rid of all non-essentials. Then measure and find drawer organizers to make the most of the space and stay organized.

The Crown Jewels

There are so many great options for jewelry organization which will help you see everything you have and prevent those all too familiar necklace knots. Jewelry stands are a great way to display necklaces and they take up very little space atop your dresser. And as for the jewelry in your drawers - stacking trays are a great solution. Take those rings and bracelets out of the cosmetic bags and get some stackers (yes you!).

Spice Girls

Step 1: Edit. You do not need to keep that random spice that you bought for that one recipe two years ago. Also, eliminate the spice-twins and triplets that have accumulated because you keep buying replacements when you can't find the originals in the back of the cabinet. Step 2: Buy clear glass spice jars, transfer spices, and label. I usually write directly on the glass with a paint pen, but you can also print labels and apply. Add a 3-tier cabinet organizer and you will be able to see everything you have. Organize by color or alphabetically and you are officially a Spice Girl! 

Under the Bathroom Sink

A few stacked plastic drawers go a long way down here... it's time to say goodbye to knocking over bottles of lotion and nail polish. Stack the drawers as high as you can to make everything more accessible in this sometimes awkward space. Just make sure you measure before purchasing - and don't forget to take into account the pipes when you do. 

Perfecting The Pantry

Containers for food storage will up the ante in any pantry. Especially if your apartment is small and your pantry - let's be honest - is just a kitchen cabinet. I like to store items like cereal, nuts and crackers in OXO Pop Containers from The Container Store. Food actually looks better in them, and - as an added bonus - your snacks are actually more accessible when you can simply pop the top of a container. If you have more space than just one cabinet, I recommend using bins to categorize like items - think snacks, pasta & rice, baked goods etc. Throw a label on them and you are good to go! 

Under the Bed

It may seem obvious to throw everything you can into the black hole beneath the bed, but most people fail to use the space under their bed efficiently. This is not the place for clothing you have not worn in 5 years - that belongs in a donation bin. Under the bed is, however, a great place for out of season clothes (as in winter sweaters/scarves or summer bathing suits/coverups). And in kids bedrooms, under the bed can be a great place for toy storage - think dress up clothes, legos and stuffed animals. Any under the bed bins will do the trick, plastic or canvas, whichever you prefer.

Toy Story

The most important thing here is to make sure you consistently go through the toys and purge anything that is broken, has missing parts, is no longer played with, or just drives you crazy (so long, Happy Birthday-Elmo!). Typically, your kids won't even know they're gone. It's important that you have a good storage unit in place for toys - I always recommend that my clients make the most of their vertical spaces and buy a tall bookcase rather than just putting a few bins on the floor. Sort and categorize toys into various sizes of plastic shoe boxes...one for legos, one for cars, one for markers or arts & crafts... You get the idea, right? And always label your bins. While I rarely suggest clients buy more gadgets, a label maker is the one exception. It's a great way for everyone to keep their home organized.

Office Space

If you can, get a desk with storage. I love a good filing cabinet - a simple filing system helps eliminate the paper clutter that always seems to find its way to the top of your desk. And for the papers that need to be addressed immediately or are used daily, I recommend paper trays for the desktop. This helps you stay organized and on top of your to-do's. Limit the desk space to essentials only - it's really not a place for knick-knacks or memorabilia.  


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