10 Luxe NYC Restaurants For Nights on the Expense Account

10 Luxe NYC Restaurants

For Nights on the Expense Account

It’s time. You’ve been gushing after this for so long and now you’ve finally been granted the crown jewel – the company card.

But with power comes great responsibility, and now it’s on you to choose restaurants around this giant city for work dinners. And whether it’s wooing clients or hosting an after-conference get-together, it’s imperative you’re in the know when it comes to culinary experiences.

Below, we’ve rounded up ten suggestions for you according to the kind of person you are, or the type of person you’re trying to impress. Let the choosing be hassle-free, and let the good times roll.

1. For the world-wise foodie:

This place has become a go-to celebrity hot spot since opening and we see why. Boasting street-style food from around the world is certain to attract the type of crowd that has literally been everywhereand it sure has. It’s loud, exuberant and sexy and we love it. The food menu is as adventurous as it sounds, and the surroundings are both wild and brash at the same time, making for a fun experience all around. Book a late dinner if you and your party want to keep the night going into the early hours – the restaurant floor turns into a dance floor after the kitchen wraps up.

2. For the view:
The River Café

Whatever about eating in a rooftop restaurant in the city, we think that eating while looking at the city is even better. The views this restaurant have are unparalleled, so even though this might be a work dinner, it will knock your company’s socks off and get the evening off to the right start.

As Brooklyn restaurants go, this one is decidedly on the more expensive side, but who cares eh? This ones on the boss. Prices start at $130 for a three-course tasting meal, but as always, we would advise you avail of the wine pairing, because what’s a classy New York dinner without some vino?

Photo: The River Café
3. For the fine-dining fanatic:
Eleven Madison Park

This restaurant may be closed for renovations, but it remains on our list nonetheless. If you have the allowance on that lovely piece of plastic in your wallet, be the first in line to get into this restaurant when it reopens.

Besides being one of New York’s most recognizably decadent restaurants, E.M.P carries quite the name within restaurant and critic circles. Its reopening this fall is highly anticipated. If your colleagues are celebrating or looking to splash on a meal for royalty, this is your go-to.

4. For the self-professed sommelier:
Tribeca Grill

Trying to impress a wine buff? This is the place to go. The cellars boast thousands of bottles and a Chateauneuf-du-pape range that will blow your socks off. Perfect for large parties, this restaurant has been open for over 25 years and is still impressing. At the head of the investor list is Mr. Robert De Niro, and this celebrity element is still a draw for many.

5. For the sumptuous surroundings:
Park Avenue Summer

We love a restaurant that can be dynamic while remaining reasonably priced. And the fact that Park Avenue Summer does this while looking as fabulous as it does, baffles us.

With a focus on local ingredients, and a menu that changes seasonally, this restaurant had adapted to its surroundings, literally. Having moved from its location in midtown, the decor has adapted for the summer season and is truly stunning. Perfect for a business lunch date.

Photo: Park Avenue Summer
6. For the sushi-snob:

Without sounding a little basic, this is the Kardashians favorite restaurant for a reason.

Nobu’s original location in Downtown Tribeca (before those famous Malibu, London, Dubai locations) has just closed this year, reopening their downtown location in a fabulous spot on Broadway. If you can get a reservation (foresight and planning encouraged) this is the best way to woo a work group or prospective client. Besides the new downtown location being incredibly sexy, it’s also functional, being larger than its late brother in Tribeca, and within walking distance of the World Trade Center. Of course, its reputation for fun sushi and sashimi interpretations precedes itself, so if your group happens to have interest in the above, you’re likely to impress with a visit here.

7. For the beefeater:
Keens Steakhouse

If all you’ve heard out of your company’s mouth is “steak, steak, steak,” you have a solid few options in the city for a meat-fuelled feast. Why is Keens a cut above the rest? Because they’ve been around for so long, they’ve outlived much of the competition.

Steakhouses come and go, and are reinterpreted, but this has always remained the same. Bask in the glory of old New York (the restaurant has been open since 1885) and the deliciousness of the meat. Recently featured on an episode of Billions, Keens still retains its charm and glory. Right in the center of the city and so very accessible, these guys can accommodate your party no matter how big small, quiet or loud. Famous for their mutton chops, the steaks are sensational as well, of course.

8. For the pompous pasta connoisseur:

Head chef Michael White has created a monster in Central Park that attracts the most elite of New York’s pasta intelligentsia.

Photo: Marea

Marea’s pasta dishes have for years been creating headlines, and this success looks to continue for many more. Located ideally in Central Park South, it would be rude not to try White’s famous seafood/pasta combinations whilst lavishing in the ambience of the dining room. White’s restaurant boasts not one but two Michelin stars and really is worth the journey. Warning: book ahead!

9. For those with a budget-minded boss:

Aside from the fact that Prune was has been nominated for and won quite a few accolades, it has a magnificently wild female chef heading up the restaurant and we’re a little obsessed. 

Gabrielle Hamilton has kept this East Village staple open for 15 years, perhaps for its affordable nature, perhaps for her celebrity chef status. Whatever the reason, we can’t see this place slowing down.

If your boss has handed down a quote for how much the dinner should cost, we advise adhering to it. So choose a restaurant within your price range. Prune packs a seriously tasty punch and won’t disappoint your company, especially given its cult status among some NYC circles.

10. For the pizza-pretentious:

What would this list be without pizza? It’s New York, isn’t it?

Located not far from the Empire State Building, Marta’s pizza is as desirable as its fashionable crowd and effortlessly hip atmosphere. Thin crust, luscious flavor and toppings that will make you drool – this is the perfect place to go if like us, you enjoy taking dinner a little less seriously every so often.

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